Baltimore Homecoming is a mobilizing a network of Baltimore’s most accomplished natives and alumni from around the U.S. and the world to invest in our city.

Our mission is to connect Baltimoreans from across the world with our city’s leaders and innovators to spark new collaborations and drive new investments in Baltimore’s future.  We envision a world where Baltimore is recognized as a leading hub for social & private sector entrepreneurship and where local leaders work hand-in-hand with a global network of Baltimoreans to advance a more prosperous and just city.

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Let’s AMPLIFY Baltimore.

Baltimore has always been home to innovators, intellectuals, makers and doers.

Baltimore’s history is filled with great men and women who have shaped it into the city it is today. From Thurgood Marshall to Johns Hopkins, Harriet Tubman and Babe Ruth — the unwavering spirit of Baltimoreans reverberates through every neighborhood.

Our city is heir to their tradition of creativity, energy and optimism.

After our 2022 Homecoming, we’ve explored new possibilities and ideas to propel our vision forward through regional gatherings to inspire more sustainable connectivity. Reshaping how Baltimore alumni network with local changemakers actively brings people together to manifest a new tempo of progress.

A city in motion — inspiring our next phase

We’ll spark new connections over dinner with local innovators, explore the expanding city through daily impulse excursions, and manifest a new vision for the future. You’ll hear from our inspiring Homecoming Heroes and Baltimore’s leading startup founders, while contributing to our diverse network of people, programs, investors, and ideas making our city shine.



Who counts as a Baltimore alumni?

Those with Baltimore roots now based across the world- and even if you haven’t spent much time here, if you want to help the city, let’s talk.

How can I get an invite?

The event is by invitation only. If you are interested in attending, please email us at

Who is behind Baltimore Homecoming?

Baltimore Homecoming is a registered nonprofit corporation. It was founded by Nate Loewentheil and JM Schapiro but has broad participation from across Baltimore City. More information here. The 2022 Baltimore Homecoming Conference was organized by Baltimore Homecoming, Inc., a nonprofit corporation based in Baltimore.

Is it open to the public?

The goal of the Homecoming conference is to showcase Baltimore City for a small group of leading Baltimore natives from around the U.S. and the world, and is therefore by invitation only. However, there will be opportunities for people from across Baltimore representing the academic, non-profit, business, artistic and religious communities to participate.

How is it funded? Who is making money?

There are no ticket sales or other revenue sources.  Baltimore Homecoming is a nonprofit organization funded by individuals and corporations.  Baltimore Homecoming 2023 is supported by the following sponsors and partners: