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The Main Event.

Our inaugural Homecoming Conference will be held October 3-5, 2018. The conference 
will bring together accomplished Baltimore natives from around the U.S.—from the worlds of sports, entertainment, fashion, finance, industry, philanthropy, academia, and the arts—with our city’s most promising leaders and doers.

The event will showcase Baltimore’s vibrant arts and culinary scenes, expose guests to the city’s remarkable innovators and entrepreneurs, and encourage discussion about the city’s challenges – and the bright future we can build together.

Baltimore Homecoming Logo
Photo Credit: Mike Oswald

Activities & Events

While our agenda is still under development, participants will have the chance to:

  • Engage with young entrepreneurs, artists and activists
  • Tour cutting-edge laboratories and biotechnology incubators
  • Work out with Baltimore’s top athletes
  • Get fresh perspectives on Baltimore’s most historic sights
  • Reflect on the 2015 Unrest and how the city has responded and changed
  • Hear from Baltimore’s leading writers, scientists, artists and business leaders
  • Mix and mingle with fellow Baltimore natives from sports, the arts, entertainment, publishing, finance, industry and politics

Received your invitation?

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Sponsors of Baltimore Homecoming 2018

We extend our deepest thanks to the sponsors and partners for their invaluable support and for making Baltimore Homecoming 2018 possible.  Interest & inquiries re: corporate sponsorship can be directed to Deputy Director, Robbin Lee at