Who is eligible?

We are looking for community leaders, activists, artists, leaders of small or start-up nonprofit organizations, small business owners, and other innovators. But any resident of Baltimore City 18 years of age or older who has demonstrated commitment to social change and community engagement is eligible.

What are the selection criteria?

Our Host Committee will review nominations and select ten finalists on the basis of three factors, which will be weighted equally:

  • Impact: What challenge has the nominee sought to address? What progress have they made? Have they transformed the lives of individuals? Touched the lives of many?
  • Inspiration and mobilization: Did the nominee inspire others to take action? Did they work to organize others within their neighborhood or across Baltimore as a whole?
  • Creativity: Did the nominee’s work break new ground or create a new model for change?

What is the award?

Winners can choose to receive their $3,000 cash prize an unrestricted individual gift or to donate to a non-profit organization or charity of their choice.

How will winners be selected? What’s the timeline?

We will be accepting public nominations from May 15 – JULY 13TH (EXTENDED).  A selection of Baltimore Homecoming’s Host Committee will narrow down the list to the top 10 finalists which will be released on July 18. Public voting to will be live until August 18. All ten finalists will be invited to the Homecoming to share their stories; and the top 5 winners will be announced and awarded $3,000 each at the Baltimore Homecoming on October 4.

Will there be awards for semi-finalists?

All ten finalists will be given a chance to participate and share their story at the Homecoming event October 3-5.

Why can’t I see the voting results?

To save the excitement for the reveal at the Homecoming!


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