Job Posting: Executive Director

Baltimore, Homecoming, Inc. is seeking a new Executive Director that can take over a high-profile start-up nonprofit organization and build for the future. The Executive Director will be responsible for:

(1) Organizing the annual Homecoming event, including recruiting and managing Co-Chairs and a large Host Committee, overseeing alumni identification and outreach, designing a program, managing an events planning team, and executing against an annual planning schedule;

(2) Raising the annual budget from individual, corporate and foundation supporters, working closely with the Board of Directors.

(3) Managing alumni engagement, with a special focus on helping alumni invest or otherwise support Baltimore City;

(4) Managing BHI operations and staff, including overseeing staff and consultants, managing office space, and working with an existing legal and finance team on budgeting, compliance and reporting;

(5) Developing new programs and expanding existing programs, including shaping a new national ‘Ambassadors’ program and expanding the existing Heroes program; and

(6) Instituting new management systems, especially customer-relationship management systems for alumni and sponsors.


College degree and a strong record of leadership in the public or private sector in Baltimore City or the Baltimore region. Candidates must have strong working relationships with Baltimore civic, political, business, and philanthropic leaders.


The Executive Director will report to the Board of Directors.


We are seeking a full-time Executive Director who can serve for a minimum of three years. The Board of Directors will also consider highly experienced candidates interested in more flexible arrangements, like a half- or three-quarters time job, with the understanding that the annual schedule will require a full-time commitment around the annual Homecoming event itself.

Start date

Late November 2018


Send a one-page cover letter, resume and two references to info@baltimorehomecoming.com. To be considered, cover letters must be no more than one page and must communicate a clear, specific understanding of the Baltimore Homecoming’s structure and goals and include some discussion of the candidate’s vision for the future of the event. Other inquiries can be directed to the same email.